• Lip Liner$199
  • Full Lip Color$299
  • TouchUps$140
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The latest trend in semi permanent lip tattoos sees the very best techniques applied to give a 3D effect to your natural lips, It can be used to correct irregularities in your lips shape, and skillful use of colour can bring a plumper appearance to your lips overall. IT fades 70%.  The effect is not makeup, it is natural color lips. Last up to 4 years with the right aftercare.

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Why Lip Micropigmentation?

Keep the chemicals out of your body. Micropigmentation of the lips goes on the skin whereas lip fillers are injections into the skin.
We can personalize your lips specifically to your face, skin tone, and hair color. Natural lips do not offer the same personalization - especially as you age!
Defy Your Age! Over time, our lips lose their shape, fullness, and color. We have a vast palette of pigments to ensure you get your lips back.
life-proof your makeup. With lip micropigmentation, there's no need to worry about smudging or having to reapply after every time you eat!

Why Us?

Our micropigmentation is truly unique when compared to other artists. We design based on your preferences and features, which we go over in depth during a consultation.
We use machines specifically manufactured for permanent makeup, which specialize in tattooing the delicate tissue of the face. We also use a cream and gel to help our clients feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment.
Get natural looking results. We use quality FDA approved pigments that are designed to lighten to a natural color over time.
Don't wait long for your treatment to heal. Because of the machinery and techniques we use, your healing time is shortened.


After 6 hours following your procedure, cleanse the lips with a simple soap or MicroTonic®, then immediately apply LipLock® or AfterInked®.
Continue gently cleansing and applying ointment 2-3 times per day for 3-4 days (or until all scabbing/crust has come off).
Avoid sweating such as from vigorous exercise for 24 hours.
For at least one week post-procedure or until healing is complete (whichever is longer):
* Keep your hands clean and avoid touching the affected area(s).
* Do not scrub or pick treated areas.
* Do not use peroxide or Neosporin on treated areas
* Do not expose area to direct sun or to tanning beds.
* Avoid exposing the area excessive moisture or humidity, such as: facials, swimming, whirlpools (hot tubs), saunas, steam rooms, and steamy showers.
Lips may appear to have too much color in the days following the procedure. You may add makeup to soften the color.
Scars on the lips from fever blisters cause pigment removal. See our Pre-Procedure Instructions for lips.
Avoid Retin-A, moisturizers, glycolic acids, exfoliants and anti-aging products at all times (not just during healing) on all micropigmented areas. These can cause pigments to fade and lighten prematurely.
Avoid tanning beds, sun, chlorine spas and pools, soap and chemicals (including skin cleansers, makeup removers, alpha hydroxyl creams, and tooth whitening toothpaste) near the treated area until healed.
Pigments will slowly fade over time according to one’s metabolism, skin type, sun exposure, medication, facial surgery, and smoking. Schedule maintenance visits as needed to keep it looking fresh.
Periodic touch ups will ensure longer lasting results.